The immigration invasion has created in recent decades, the inflow of more than 25 million Muslims in Europe. Islam is busy colonizing Europe completely. Mosques rise like mushrooms. Arabic became the language of instruction in many neighborhoods of our cities. Halal products and shops can be found in every street. Headscarves, hijab, djellabahs and burqas can be seen everywhere.

Many Muslims are not going to adapt to our way of life but demand that we conform to their rules, norms and values. Their uses are likely to be the rule rather than the exception. The influence of Islam on society should not be underestimated. More and more we are sacrificing the freedoms, rights and achievements of our democratic Western society. Not only do we face the Islamization of our country and of our society. Islam terror also ensures us to feel insecure and threatened. Islam carries a jihad - holy war - against Europe. The website –provided by ITE-  wants to follow Islam in Europe closely and monitors.

All the facts of Islamization - a new mosque in your neighborhood, activities of Islamic organizations, a halal shop or butcher opened in your street, introducing separate swimming in the pool around the corner, veiled women as a teller in your town hall or teacher in the school of your children, visit of a classroom with children to the mosque ... - must be reported on this website. Indeed, it is important that all these facts are recorded and mapped. In this way we can see how the Islamisation evolves in our cities and communities and increasing and respond appropriately when necessary.

Filip Dewinter                                 Jan Penris





In recent days much has been written and said about the attacks in Brussels, Paris and elsewhere in Europe. Usually limit the numerous analyzes into the politically correct conclusion that terrorism is the result of the so-called radicalization of a small minority of Muslims. Immediately added that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam because Islam is "peace-loving, tolerant and forbearing." The reality is different ....

Who sows Islam, will harvest jihad ...

Islam is a violent, intolerant and totalitarian ideology that is incompatible with the fundamental values of our democratic European society. Indeed, he who sows Islam, will harvest jihad ... The mass immigration, tolerance of Islam as a religion recognized and subsidized, the failure of integration policies and lax security have ensured that we eventually have to deal with terrorism and violence. The multicultural doctrine of salvation has ensured for decades that any criticism of immigration or Islam was reviled as racist and / or xenophobic.

Ban Islam!

Islam itself is responsible for terrorism. Eventually IS, Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations, follow only the example of the Prophet Muhammad. The so-called "radical" Islam, Jihadism, after all, is like a poult in the egg of Islam. Only by reducing Islam, stop the Islamisation and bring Islamic immigration to a halt we can reduce resolute and successful Islamic terrorism in due course.

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